Islamabad Driving License Verification Online 2024

Islamabad Driving License Verification: Quick and Easy Online 2024

Effortless Islamabad ITP Driving License Verification Online: 2024 Guide

Islamabad Driving License Verification online 2024

Are you looking for Driving License Verification in Islamabad sitting at home from your mobile? You can do it after reading this article. In this article Islamabad driving License online verification is discussed in detail.  In this comprehensive guide, I have explained the step-by-step process of verifying your ITP driving license online. Now, you can verify, Renew or confirm the validity of your driving license from your home online, all within minutes.

This article about Islamabad driving license online check will clear all of your questions about driving license verification in Islamabad, as we have covered everything you need to know, including the official website, useful information, Islamabad online Driving License CNIC Check and License validity check etc.

Verify Islamabad Driving License:

If our tool is not working , you can use official link for driving License Verification.

officail website link

Instructions for getting Islamabad Traffic Police online Driving License Verification

Follow these instructions to get Verification Letter/NOC without wasting your time.

1. Keep your original Driving License with you while License verification.

2. Double-check all the information you entered to avoid mistakes that can cause problems in your verification process

3. Do not autotype dates and use calendar function.

4. Try to use a different email address for communication, as Hotmail might not be compatible with the system.

5. If you face any issue or problem during online verification, you can email at “[email protected]

6. If you haven’t received a response within next 24 to 48 Working hours please mail again at the email address mentioned above at SR#05.

7. If there is any issue in online system of ITP website please try again with better internet connection.

8. All queries will be answered during online support timing from Monday to Friday. 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (PST). For Support call ITP Helpline 1915 .

9. Applications received on Weekends and Public Holidays will be considered on next working day.

By following these helpful steps, you can update your online driving license verification in Islamabad and drive your car on the road.

Islamabad Driving License Verification guide 2024

DLIMS Islamabad Driving License Online Verification: A Step-by-Step Guide

Currently, the Islamabad Traffic Police does not offer a dedicated online portal for driving license verification. However and alternative method can be used for this purpose:

  1. Visit Islamabad Police Website: Visit the official website of the Islamabad police department, which is dealing the traffic management.
  2. Go to E-Challan Verification Section: There is a section dedicated to check traffic challan statuses. The main purpose challans verification, this section also has a driving license verification option.
  3. Enter Your Details: You need to provide your details like Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number or your driving license number for verification.
  4. Check Results: Once you have entered your information, click on submit button, the system will start working on your license details and confirm its validity.

if you are Punjab Driving License Holder you can verify your license using Punjab driving license verification

How to provide information during Verification of Online Driving License?

If you want to know about “How to verify An Online Driving License in Islamabad?” you need to go through this article. You can get Pakistan Islamabad driving license verification online by visiting the official website of DLIMS Islamabad.while those belong to Rawalpindi have to visit DLIMS Punjab portal for License Verification. Now you can easily get an NOC license verification letter.

1.      You can go to the Islamabad Traffic police website and visit the Driving License Verification page as  Click on the button of “Proceed for instant license verification”. It is important to note that this link may not work some time due to new updates. Islamabad Police website might undergo changes in the future for Islamabad driving license online validity check.

2.      While verification of online driving License in Islamabad, you will see following information on your mobile or computer screen.

  • Name of candidate
  • Date of Birth of License holder’s
  • Father/husband name
  • 13 digits CNIC number
  • Driving license number of candidate
  • Driving license category
  • Date of issue of License
  • License Expiry Date
  • Address 
  • Contact/Mobile number
  • Email address ( Hotmail address may not be provided as it is not supported by the system)
  • After providing this information click on Submit button. Your application will be preceded to the Islamabad Traffic Police, and you will get your verification letter at the email address you provided within the 24 to 48 hours. 
  • However, you have to provide the following information in order to verify the details of License verification for your vehicle or bike.
  • CNIC number:
  • Name:
  • Gender:
  • Passport Number
  • Date of birth:
  • IDP: (for international driving license holder only)
  • You will get e-challan driving license online in Islamabad. For verification of details, you need to provide the vehicle (bike, car, jeep etc.) registration number with a dash.

All Pakistan Driving license center Details along with address and contact no is available, you can visit driving license center for details .

Online Driving License Renewal for Overseas Pakistanis –Abroad users License Verification   

  1. If you want to verify driving license from abroad, you can verify it by visiting Islamabad traffic police web portal.  
  2. Online license Verification for Overseas Pakistani drivers can be done by visiting Driving License Renewal portal of Islamabad traffic police. Click on following link for verification  
  3. You can also book online appointment for ITP License branch, Faizabad Islamabad by clicking the link provided above. Click on “Book an online appointment” tab after opening the link


Driving License Verification Online in Islamabad Using a Mobile App

Now you can Verify your License using Driving License Mobile App. It’s very easy to verify, apply, and check the status driver’s license online in Islamabad using mobile app. The Mobile app “City Islamabad” is can be downloaded from play store and it is very easy to use. You have to provide your details to check your driver’s license details and validity. The app also helps car/motor vehicle owners’ online registration of the vehicles like car, bike and jeep etc. You can also check online vehicle verification through this app. There is a dedicated sectioned named as Excise and Taxation Department Islamabad.

How can I check vehicle Verification details in Islamabad Online?

You can check your vehicle details online on the DLIMS website. Enter your CNIC, license expiry, and passport number (for IDP). You will get details like CNIC, name, gender, and date of birth instantly.

How can I Renew Islamabad License Online?

Renew your license smoothly online via DLIMS Islamabad. Have your CNIC, copy, and expired license ready. Verify your details, get a receipt, and collect your renewed license on the appointed date from delivery counter.

How can I verify Driving License Number in Islamabad?

To verify your driving license or permit send an email to itp police to [email protected].

What is the validity of Driving License in Islamabad?

Online driving licenses in Islamabad are valid for a period of five years, including permanent Driving Licenses and IDP (International Driving Permit). Learner permits are valid for six months.

What is the helpline of ITP (Islamabad Traffic Police) in Islamabad

The helpline of ITP is 1915 for the assistance of general public regarding matters related to traffic Management and rules. 

What is the Cost of Online Driving License in Islamabad 2024?

Prices vary according to license type. Learner licenses range from Rs. 349 to Rs. 649. Permanent licenses cost Rs. 1800 for non-professional and single-category professional and Rs. 2100 for double-category professional. Driving License Renewal fees range from Rs. 1149 to Rs. 4649 based on expiration duration. Conversion, duplicate, and addition fees are Rs. 1649 each.