Learner to Permanent Driving License with DLIMS Guide

Learner to Permanent Driving License with DLIMS Guide: Ace Punjab Roads

 How to Get Driving License Via DLIMS Punjab

How to Get Driving License Via DLIMS Punjab: From Learner to Permanent Driving License

Are you ready to get your driving license through DLIMS Punjab?  Your Driving License Punjab will make you prepare to steer through the Punjab roads and highways with a great confidence.  It’s time to change your learner to permanent driving license.  This article is actually a simple and comprehensive Learner Driving License Guide which will guide you about DLIMS online Check, Online driving license Punjab and driving license test center and other requirements of how to get driving license Punjab. Here we will also guide you about obtaining your regular driving license in Punjab and follow the rules set by Traffic Police Punjab

DLIMS Innovations: Future of Punjab’s Driving License System

The Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS) in Punjab stands at the forefront of technological development, gearing up to introduce groundbreaking advancements. The aspirants can access DLIMS website via www.dlims.punjab.gov.pk Anticipate upcoming updates, including AI-driven assessment tools for streamlined testing, integration of biometric verification, and the introduction of technology for a false license registry. These innovations signify a progressive shift towards a more efficient, safe and efficient driving license system in Punjab through DLIMS in 2024

How to Apply for Regular Driving License – DLIMS Driving License 

Once you are done with your learner License. Now, how you can change that “L” (Learner) to Permanent driving license on Punjab’s roads.  DLIMS Punjab makes it very convenient for you.  You need to proceed further and fulfill some requirements for getting your driving license via DLIMS Punjab

DLIMS Punjab Checklist – DLIMS Application Process

  • DLIMS Online Application: Try to avoid the paperwork and apply directly on the DLIMS Punjab website for your regular driving license. You need to Upload the documents, schedule your test online, and follow the schedule planned for you.
  • Biometric Verification: DLIMS Punjab Biometric Verification allows you by getting your fingerprints and photo captured at your selected Driving License Issuing Authority (DLIA). Now you have completed other step.
  • Driving Test Ace: Are you Nervous?  You can get benefit of DLIMS Punjab’s online practice tests! Try and Brush on road rules and signs online, then go for your real driving test in the selected driving license center with confidence.
  • Documents Required: Don’t allow missing paperwork to get you slow you down. Grab the following necessary documents .
  •  Valid learner’s License 
  • Application Form A
  • CNIC copy 
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Rs.100 HBL bank receipt
  • The driving license ticket, available at the center
  • A medical certificate (if your age is 50 years or above or seeking a commercial license) 

Prepare Driving License Documents 

After sorting and arranging your documents and place these in your bag. Now you have to visit the nearest driving license center. Below is the list of Driving Centers in Lahore for DLIMS Lahore applicants and they may easily find their nearest DLIM center in Lahore.  You can Explore search for your selected driving centers in Lahore along with center timings for your ease.

DLIA Locator: Navigating Your Way

Don’t waste your time searching. In this article we have provided all the information regarding, list of driving centers in Lahore, including convenient timings. Find your nearest DLIA with ease. 

Test CenterLicense CategoryTest DayTiming
CTPL Smart Licensing 24/7 Center, Manawan All categories7 days24 hours
Arfa Karim TowerCar, MotorcycleMonday to Saturday8 – 6
94 K Block, Phase 1, DHACar, MotorcycleMonday to Saturday8 – 6
Driving License Center, Bahria TownCar, MotorcycleMonday to Saturday8 – 6
Driving License Center, Greater Iqbal ParkCar, MotorcycleMonday to Saturday8 – 6
Women Licensing Center, Liberty, GulbergCar, MotorcycleMonday to Saturday8 – 6

For More Details about License Centers Please Click Here

Latest Driving License Fees DLIMS Punjab 

The amount of is different for different categories of driving licenses in Punjab. This driving license fee punjab will be paid after a candidate successfully passes the theory and practical driving test. 

Category Test Fee(Rs.)Issue Fee for 5 Years(Rs.)Total Fee(Rs.)
Motorcycle + Car200750950

Driving License Fee Punjab via Postal Stamps

You can pay your License fees using postal stamps which can be obtained from all listed driving license centers of DLIMS. Pay your fee and enjoy tour drive by getting your license. Driving license renewal fees is also paid through the same process but its amount is different.

Medical Test for getting your driving license 

A medical test for driving license is necessary for individuals aged 50+ or those applying for a regular driving license. You can download the Medical Form here or by visiting DLIMS punjab website. Ensure the form is signed by a doctor from a district or tehsil hospital. Submit your medical form after completing all the formalities. 

Driving License Test Punjab 

Are you prepared to test your driving skills? There is no need of appointments. Visit your nearest driving test center, grab a token, and start your journey towards getting your regular driving license. Just pass the driving license test Punjab and enjoy your drive in Punjab. The test comprise of two parts

Theoretical driving Test 

This test comprises a computer-based, multiple-choice test which has questions about your “road sign” so you should prepare these road signs well before test. You have to score a minimum of 6/10 to qualify the theory test. If you cannot pass this test, no issue, you can take a second attempt after a period of 42 days or 7 weeks. 

2. Practical Driving Test 

After passing the theory test you will undergo a practical test. Get ready; it’s time to hit the carpet practically. You can give this test with an inspector in your car or use official car of driving centre.

From Learner to Legend: Master the Road and take Your New Driver’s License

After passing theory test and Practical test of Punjab Driving License your regular driving license will be delivered to your home address in 15 days. You don’t need to visit the driving center to get your license.

Everything You Need to Know about Driver’s License Endorsements and duplicate license 2024

if you’re an experienced professional driver but you want to expand your license categories, our simple instructions make the process simple for you. If you have misplaced your license you do not need to worry, you can easily apply for duplicate driving license at your nearest center.

Driving License Verification 

If you have any questions about driving license’s authenticity. GO to DLIMS website, you will find a link there click on that link and after that click on ‘Verify,’ and you are ready to move.

DLIMS Punjab: Always a Co-Pilot for Smooth Sailing

Remember, DLIMS Punjab is your digital companion throughout all the Processes of Driving License Punjab .You can check your driving license tracking, LTV License Check online, download forms, and even renew your existing license. Using DLIMS you can apply for Permanent driving license, Learner driving license,Download E License , Driving license renewal punjab and learner license validity punjab  – all at your fingertips. You can also download DLIMS app or rasta app punjab for additional features and stay in the driver’s seat of your driving destination.

Guide about DLIMS centers excluding Punjab

People of provinces other than punjab are also searching for information regarding how to apply Driving license and how to apply for learner driving license. Balochistan People want to know DLIMS Quetta and some drivers search for DLIMS Islamabad and dlims sindh. It is to inform you that we also have provide important information regarding Driving license in KPK, Balochistan and Sindh. Go through our articles on our website for detailed information.

Grab you license – driving license guide summary 

Hopefully, this guide will help you to become a skilled driver. Follow these steps and procedure given in the driving license guideline and drive with confidence. Fasten your seatbelt and navigate the roads of Punjab like a seasoned traveler! Have a safe and sound journey 

Digital Initiatives for License Renewals DLIMS 

Embracing technology, DLIMS Punjab’s driving licensing system is continuously evolving to offer more convenience and user friendly to license holders in Pakistan. The implementation of online portals and mobile applications like DLIMS app, DLIMS e License allows for easy renewal of licenses, eliminating the issues of long paperwork. The digital platform provides a very good experience to the customers, enabling individuals to schedule appointments for driving tests, access study materials for license upgrades, and track the status of their applications. Embrace the digital wave and ensure a tension-free license renewal process for your driving license as a good news with start of this new year 2024. 

How do I get new driving license in Punjab 2024?

DL Application in Punjab: Online Process
Go to official website of DLIMS Punjab
Go to Driving license Services
Select DL Services from the Online Services tab
Choose your Region/Province
Click on “Apply for Learner’s license.”
Fill all the information asked
Upload the required documents
Pay the License Fee

How can I get Learner Driving License in Punjab through DLIMS?

Required Documents include:
A Copy of Medical Certificate.
CNIC copy.
Endorsement Application Form
2 Attested Fresh Passport size photos.
Driving Tickets as per Schedule.
1st license need to be attached
Original Learner License of at least Six Weeks Period.

How much time is required to get driving license in Punjab?

The time required for receiving a driving license can take about 30 days starting from the date of the driving test. The RTO issues your driving license within three weeks. The license will be sent to your registered poster address and you can enjoy your drive.

How can I apply for Driving license online in Punjab?

LAHORE – The Punjab government has launched an online system to get a learner driving license in the province for ease of the drivers. You have to visit website of DLIMS http://dlims.punjab.gov.pk/ to get your license online in Punjab.