Driving License Sindh Karachi

How to obtain Driving License Online in Karachi, Sindh 2024 (DLS)

How to obtain Driving License Online in Karachi, Sindh 2024 (DLS)

Driving License Online in Karachi, Sindh 2024

This is a Step-by-Step Guide How to get a Driving License in Karachi, Sindh. You can visit Driving License Sindh DLS official website https://dls.gos.pk/  if you want to get driving license in Karachi. This is the official web portal of for Sindh Police to guide you.  All those citizens of Sindh who want to get their driving license or learner permit have different questions in their mind about getting a license. This comprehensive guide will explain all the steps required to get your driving license in Karachi (Sindh) ensuring you’re fully-prepared and confident. You may have different questions in mind about driving license in Sindh like

  • How to get driving license in Karachi without any agent
  • Sindh driving license fee
  • Biometric verification for driving license in Sindh
  • Renewal of driving license in Karachi Sindh
  • How to get urgent driving license in Karachi
  • Sindh learner’s permit test online
  • Documents required for Female driving license in Karachi Sindh 
  • is learner’s permit mandatory for driving license in Sindh
  • Difference between learner’s permit and driving license in Sindh and pakistan
  • Sindh driving license verification and validity

You will get answers of all your questions on our website as we have covered these articles in detail to guide you in a better and easier way. Obtaining a driving license in Sindh, especially in Karachi, is an important step to get freedom to drive legally and confidently. Whether you’re a new driver or enter from another region to Sindh Province, understanding the process will definitely save your precious time and effort.

How to get Driving License Online in Sindh? | Steps to obtain Computerized License

You have to follow different process to obtain your Driving License subject to license category and conditions:  Following are the Steps to apply for a driving license online in Karachi and Sindh.

1. Book your appointment online
2. Verification at Front Desk to verify of Pre-Appointment.
3. Screening / Registration Process & SNAP
4. Medical Exam
5. Submission of License Fee (NBP Counter)
6. Computer based Written and Oral Test
7. Road Driving Test
8. Get your final receipt of Driving License.

Step 1: Book your appointment online: Skip the Queue

Sindh Traffic Police offers a convenient online pre-appointment system. You can search for “Driving License Sindh Online Pre-Appointment” and schedule your appointment at a nearby Driving License Branch (DL Branch) in Karachi (Sindh) as per your required schedule. Online driving license application in Karachi is now quite simple. Just follow the steps given in this article 

Step 2: Verification at the Front Desk

You have to Verify Your Pre-Appointment at the front desk. On the day of your appointment, visit the driving license office located near you in Sindh or Karachi. Head to the front desk to verify your pre-appointment. Bring all of your required documents, including your CNIC and appointment confirmation. The officer concerned will cross-check your details and guide you through different steps about “How to get a computerized driving license in Sindh”. 

Step 3: Complete your Screening / Registration Process & SNAP

At the screening and registration desk, your documents will be reviewed in detail to proceed further. The SNAP (Sindh National Automation Project) system will save and capture your biometric data, including fingerprints and photographs. This step is important for your identity and details are recorded in the system. 

 Step 4: Medical Checkup: Ensuring your Fitness to Drive

As safety first is 1st rule for your personal and vehicle safety. Regarding Medical requirements for driving license in Karachi you must be prepared for it. A medical examination is a crucial step (Step 4) to ensure your fitness to drive on road. Visit a recognized medical center and obtain a medical certificate, giving you the green signal for your driving test. 

Step 5: Driving License Fee Payment:

Pay your License Fee to proceed to next step. For securing fee payment process for Karachi driving license, you have to visit National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) counter within the driving license office to pay the required fee. Keep the receipt safe, as you will need it for future reference. 

Step 6: Computer based Written and Oral Test to test your knowledge 

It is time show your road safety and driving knowledge. The computer-based written and oral test will assess your knowledge of traffic rules and regulations. Start Preparing for driving license test in Sindh before going for this test. Don’t worry about these tests as they are easy and user-friendly subject to some minor level of preparation for the test. 

Step 7: Show Your Driving Skills: The Road Test

This is where you will drive on the road. Time comes to showcase your driving skills with your hands on the steering under the examination of a qualified examiner. Learn some road test tips for Karachi driving license from internet. Practice on your own prior to appear for this test for smooth driving performance.

Step 8: Obtaining the final receipt of Driving License (Claim Your License)

Congratulations! After passing all the above steps successfully, submit the required documents to get your official driving license. This license empowers you to march the roads of Karachi with freedom and responsibility. 

Karachi Driving License 2024

Obtaining a Learner’s Permit in Karachi (Sindh)

Before applying for a full driving license, you’ll need to acquire a learner’s permit in Karachi or Sindh. This involves passing a written test on traffic rules and regulations. Some driving schools in Karachi offer learner’s permit classes to prepare you for the test.

Documents Required for a Driving License in Karachi

  • CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card): Original and a photocopy.
  • Proof of Residence: Utility bill (electricity, gas, etc.) or CNIC with a Karachi address.
  • Medical Certificate: Obtained from a government-approved medical facility.
  • Learner’s Permit (if applicable): Original and a photocopy.
  • Passport-sized Photographs: With a white background.
  • Application Fee: Paid at the Driving License Branch.

Driving License Fees in Karachi

The fee for a driving license in Karachi varies depending on the license category (car, motorcycle, etc.) and any additional services requested (e.g., express processing). For any information regarding fee structure, visit the official DLS website or your local Driving License Branch. (https://dls.gos.pk/)

Some Additional Tips for a Smooth Driving License Application Process in Sindh

Preparation for Tests: Make use of online resources to prepare for the written and driving tests. Look for sample tests and study guides specifically for Sindh Driving License.

Required Documents: Ensure you have all the necessary documents, including your CNIC, medical certificate, and fee payment receipt when you are going for Sindh Driving License DLS preparation.

Renewal Process: If you already have a driving license, understand the renewal process and fees. Renewal can often be done online for convenience.

Urgent License: For those needing an urgent license, check the criteria and additional fees involved. The process may vary slightly for urgent applications.

By following these steps and tips, you can obtain your driving license in Karachi, Sindh, without any hassle. The online system and detailed guidelines make the process efficient and straightforward.

DLS Sindh Driving License Delivery

A lot of citizens have question in mind “How to receive driving license card in Karachi”. It is shared for information of all concerned that driving license card will be sent directly to your home through TCS. Ensure your postal address details are accurate to avoid your Driving License delivery issues. License Delivery is the responsibility of the department to avoid any inconvenience.  

Types of Driving Licenses in Karachi/Sindh

The driving licenses and permits of different kinds are issued by Sindh’s Driving License Department. The details of these Licenses regarding Requirements of License, Documents required, Validity and Applying methods are discussed in a separate article on our website. You can go through this article to have a complete knowledge about these licenses from every angle. Following three types of licenses are issued to the drivers of Sindh:

  • Learner’s License
  • Permanent Driving License
  • International Driving License
  • Duplicate Driving License 

How to Verify Driving License in Karachi (Sindh)?

You can visit DLS official website for Online Verification of License in Sindh. For Driving License Sindh Online verification you have to visit DLS official site at https://dls.gos.pk/online-verification.html and enter your 13 digit CNIC in the “verify your license now” section and fill the CAPTCHA if asked. In few seconds your license verification status will be shown on your mobile or laptop screen.  It is important to note that online license verification is a facility for every desktop computer user and mobile phone users to verify your driving license. 


Q1. What is the cost (fee) of driving License in Karachi (Sindh)?

As of May 2024, the fee for a permanent driving license for car, Jeep and motorcycles is PKR 1410 for three years and PKR 1,860 for five years. Moreover fixed charges will be charged NADRA, medical test, and TCS delivery services etc.

Q2: What is the minimum age to apply for a driving license in Karachi?

The minimum age required is 18 years in order to apply for License in Karachi or Sindh

Q3: Do I need an appointment to obtain a driving license in Karachi?

Yes, obtaining an online pre-appointment is mandatory before visiting the Driving License Branch.

Q4: What documents are required to apply for a driving license in Karachi, Sindh?

  • Original and copy of valid CNIC
  • Two recent passport-sized photos
  • Valid Learner’s Driving License (if applying for permanent license)

Q5: How long does it take to get a driving license in Karachi?

The processing time can vary, but it usually takes about 7 to 15 working days to receive your driving license by mail.