Apply Now For Punjab Learner License

Obtain Your Punjab Learner’s License in Minutes with DLIMS (2024 Guide)

How To Apply For Learner License in Punjab Via DLIMS In 2024?

Apply Now For Punjab Learner License

The  learner’s license is a first step for getting a regular driving license .The process of applying for a learner’s license in Punjab has been made very simple through the DLIMS (Driver’s License Information Management System) platform. The Dlims Punjab allows applicants to apply online for learner license and get learner license within few minutes. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining a learner’s license in Punjab via DLIMS, including the required documents, age limits, and other essential information. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully apply for your learner’s license and take the first step towards becoming a confident and responsible driver.

Eligibility Criteria For Punjab Driving  Learner License

Here are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a learner’s license in Punjab, Pakistan, via DLIMS:


  • Motorcycles/Motor Cars: Minimum 18 years old.
  • Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs): Minimum 21 years old.
  • Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMVs): Minimum 23 years old.


  • Original and photocopy of your CNIC.
  • Passport-size photograph.
  • Medical certificate (required for applicants above 50 years old or with disabilities).

Additional Conditions:

  • You must be mentally and physically fit to drive.
  • You must not have any driving license suspension or cancellation.
  • You must not have any criminal record related to traffic violations.

Note: These are the general eligibility criteria. There may be additional requirements for specific vehicle categories or circumstances. It’s best to check with the DLIMS website or a regional Driving License Issuance Center for the latest information.

Steps To Apply For Learner License via DLIMS Punjab Portal

In this guide i will practically explain each and every step to apply for learner license. Before writing these steps I have personally applied online for learner license and parctically completed each and every step involved in Learner License. Now i will explain all these steps. I hope my this personal experience will help you to get Punjab learner license without any confusion.

Step 1:Create Account on DLims website:

  • The first step in order to apply for learner license in punjab is to create your account on . You can also directly apply and create account from our website as we have integrated dlims api in our website.
  • To Create account simply the yellow colour button “Apply for Learner License “ available at the home page of dlims website as given in below snap shot.
Step 1 Learner License Step 1
  • After clicking on this button you will be redirected to Login Page where you have to click on Register Button to create your account on DLims website as shown in picture below.
DLims Account creation step
  • Now Create Account by Clicking on option “Create Account”.
  • After clicking on create account you will be redirected to Sign Up page “”. Fill the registration form by providing the following details correctly . 
  • CNIC 
  • Your Full Name spelling  as according to your Matric certificate.
  • Email
  • Password 
  • Captcha Code
Sign Up dlims account  for learner license

Step 2: Login To Your DLIMS Punjab Account

Once you create account successfully on DLIMS the next step is to Login your account by entering following details in Login box.

  • Email used for Dlmis account
  • Password
  • Captcha Code

Step3:Choose Learner License Option 

  • Once you login you will see at the top “License” option as demonstrated in the picture provided. You can choose regular license option if you want to obtain permanent driving license.
  • Click on License Option and than choose “Learner License Option”.
  • After that you will either to choose “Apply” or “Renewal” option.
  • Click on Apply Now and Now your Learner Online Application form will open in Front of You
Learner License Apply options

Step4: Fill Punjab Learner License Online Application Form

Now to apply successfully for Punjab Learner License you have to fill the learner license application form as explained below and also demonstrated through screen shots provided.

  • In first step you have the fill the “Citizen profile” option application form by providing all you personal details.To fill application form you must have  following exact personal information.
    • CNIC
    • Name 
    • Father Name
    • Height
    • Blood Group
    • Vehicle Type
    • Permanent and Current Address
    • Upload Passport Size Photograph
    • Upload CNIC Front and Back side image
  • Once You provide all above information and upload your CNIC and passport size photograph Click on “submit “Button.
  • Once you click on submit button your application will be submitted.
Dlims Learner License Application form
Dlims Learner License address information

Note: Carefully Select your Vehicle type as shown in the screen shot below

Select Category for dlmis learner license
Passport size photograph for learner license


Step 5: Submit Your Learner License Application Fee

  • Once you click on submit application your application will be submitted and you will be redirected to License application List as demonstrated in the screen shot provided.
  • Verify all your information before submitting fee
  • To submit your Punjab Learner License fee Copy the PSID number from your License application list.
  • You can pay the Learner license via Easy Paisa JazCash, 1 Link through ATM, Bank IBFT.
  • Just enter the PSID number in payment option your dlims learner license fee will submitted.
Dlims Learner License PSID fee

Step6: Print Your Learner Driving License

  • Once you pay your license fee simply refresh the dlims website login to your account and go to “Application List”
  • Simply Click on “Print “option  and your Digital Learner License will be downloaded
  • Print this Learner license and you can use it anywhere in Pakistan while traveling.
DLIMS Learner License Application

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a learner’s license in Punjab?

You must be at least 18 years old for motorbikes and 20 years old for cars and other vehicles.
You must have a valid CNIC.
You must be medically fit to drive (a medical certificate might be required for applicants above 50 years or with disabilities).

What documents do I need to submit for my learner’s license application?

Scanned copies of your CNIC (front and back)
Passport-size photograph
Medical certificate (if applicable)

How much does it cost to apply for a learner’s license?

The fee varies depending on the vehicle type you choose. The fee for Motorcycle/Car/TR.AGRI is Rs 500
Note: You must pay the fee separately for each vehicle category you wish to be licensed for. So, if you want to drive both a motorcycle and a car, you’ll need to pay Rs. 500 each, for a total of Rs. 1,000..

How long does it take to get my learner’s license?

Once you submit your application and pay the fee, you can download your digital learner’s license within minutes.

Do I need to take a driving test to get a learner’s license?

No, you don’t need to take a driving test for the learner’s license. However, you will need to pass a driving test to obtain your full driving license after 42 days of holding the learner’s permit.

Can I use my learner’s license to drive anywhere in Pakistan?

Yes, your learner’s license is valid throughout Pakistan.

What happens if I lose my learner’s license?

You can report your lost license online or at any Driving License Issuance Center, and a duplicate will be issued for a small fee. Alternatively you can get your duplicate license from Dlims Punjab just by submitting Duplicate license fee.

Can I renew my learner’s license if it expires?

Yes, you can renew your learner’s license within six months of its expiry date by following same process via dlims portal.

What are some important things to remember when driving with a learner’s license?

Always display your learner’s license prominently in your vehicle.
Only drive during daylight hours unless accompanied by a licensed driver.
Don’t carry more than one passenger unless accompanied by a licensed driver.
Obey all traffic rules and regulations.

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